Square Stage


My goal as not only a teacher but as a student is to inspire all those around me to fall in love with learning. Find your passion and share your joy. 


Learn and Create 

My Philosophical Classroom and Teaching Ideologies 



  • A large visual code of conduct each student and myself will sign that binds us to treat one another with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, or religious background

  • Montessori Classroom Layout

  • Land Acknowledgement

  • Visual art displays created by Indigenous artists and students 

  • Motivational reminders, accessible educational tools, and student-centered visual aids 



  • Education for social justice

  •  Helping students become invested in the community

  • Collaboration for problem solving vs. lecturing

  • Creative integration of core concepts 

  • Education for democracy

  • Think, pair, share activities

  • Arts based integration

  • Technology-infused learning 

  • Life based and career driven learning that is engaging and dynamic for all students 



  • Students can take on the role of  collaborators

  • Allowing for multiple assessment choices such as essays, tests (multiple choice, long/short answer), group projects, poems, plays, or art pieces to demonstrate the knowledge of core concepts

  • A teaching style that is first hand and practical. This allows students to make connections to the world at large

  • Reflective and creative assignments

  • Primary source learning on Indigenous history taught by elders and residential school survivors within the community



  • Learning that is  action based and inquisitive in nature

  • Treating one another with kindness and respect

  • Responsibility to actively engage within their comfort level

  • Work to create equal success both inside and outside the classroom

  • Collaborate with one another to come up with new and meaningful ideas

  • Strong autonomy and participation for students