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Standards of Practice: Annotated Study Guide

Through management rather than discipline, students in my classroom would take an active role in their management style and would be held responsible to treat one another and myself with empathy and respect. Their individual goals will come to life in a space free from judgment and criticism

Paper Abstract

Standard of Practice: Leadership in Learning Communities

Connections to the Ontario Curriculum and Hidden Curriculum:


Stress Management Coping Strand A.1: apply skills that help students to recognize sources of stress and to cope with challenges, including help-seeking behaviors as they participate in learning experiences in health and physical education, in order to support the development of personal resilience

  •  The play Shape of a Girl prompts active discussions on what resources to seek out in times of stress. Students can come up with a list of possible steps both Reena and her peers could have taken to help during the events leading up to the violent attack. The play focuses strongly on mental health and the feeling of isolation when someone is being bullied.  Students can collaboratively come up with strategies for times when they are feeling this isolation.

  • Critical and Creative Thinking Strand A1.6: apply skills that help students think critically and creatively as they participate in learning experiences in health and physical education, in order to support making connections, analyzing, evaluating, problem solving, and decision-making. Describe what can be done to challenge stereotypes and false assumptions, and to encourage respectful interaction, acceptance of differences, and inclusion of all people in social activities.

  • Shape of a Girl highlights the role stereotyping played in the bullying of Reena Virk. Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills to provide solutions on how to eliminate stereotyping and discrimination in schools. The importance of inclusion regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation is strongly highlighted throughout the play.

  •  Personal Safety and Injury Prevention Strand D2.3: apply social-emotional learning skills (e.g., self-awareness and self-management skills, including anger management; communication skills, including listening skills and assertiveness skills) to promote positive interaction and avoid or manage conflict in social situations, in person or online. 

  • Shape of a Girl explores the dangers of acting as a bystander or engaging in passive bullying. Teachers can lead discussions on safe strategies the peers at the party could have taken to help Reena. The play also promotes the value of allies and safe spaces for helping adolescences build each other up. 

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