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Standards of Practice

Artifacts and Lesson Plans

My role as a teacher is to complete the other side of the equal collaborator with responsibility for me to guide students and create caring democratic citizens who are engaged in their learning journey.

Pink Paper Structures
Pink Paper Structures
Pink Paper Structures

Professional Practice

Artifact: Choice Board

Pink Paper Structures

Ongoing Professional Learning

Artifact: Drama Warm Up

Pink Paper Structures

Curriculum: The dramatic arts warm up on character building and analyzing strategies promotes student success of the curriculum through the teaching of dramatic foundations of character building and context, performance skills, and analyzing the performance through the lens of a critical- dramatic arts based perspective. My warm-up incorporates the following Ontario Curriculum Expectations:

  1. Creating and Presenting: Students use the creative process to develop, produce, and perform drama. Through a variety of dramatic forms, students explore characters, issues, and feelings, both individually and collaboratively. Students use dramatic elements, conventions, techniques, and technologies for a variety of purposes.

  2. Reflecting, Responding, and Analyzing: In this strand, students use the critical analysis process to reflect on their response to dramatic works and develop their understanding of how dramatic purpose is achieved.

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